The Code Team

Enriching Lives by Facilitating Discovery

The CAREERCODE team has observed from their careers in vocational assistance that satisfaction is likely to occur when jobs fit personalities.CAREERCODE was created to help everyone discover a more meaningful life. It positively affects relationships and general outlook on life by providing individuals a strong sense of self and guiding them toward opportunities.

Picture of Jan Lowe

Jan Lowe

AIE | The Idealist

Raised in a small Nebraska community, Jan began using her interests by playing the piano for the high school choir. After obtaining a degree in Music Education, she realized in her first year of teaching that it wasn’t right for her. Fortunately, after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, she found an alternative career that was more fulfilling where she was able to work with individual clients. Building on this education and experience, she became specialized in vocational assessment and courtroom testimony as a vocational expert. Jan has owned a private practice Rehabilitation Counselors since 1978, which is a good match for her full CodeCombo – AIECSR.

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Picture of Kathryn Johnson

Kathryn Johnson

EAS | The Promoter

Selling greeting cards (The Cheerful Card Company) door to door in her tiny South Dakota town, Kathryn realized the value of being persuasive and ambitious. Like a true visionary, she was already thinking outside the box of the pre-determined women’s careers of her day. That start-up venture led her to a career path which included experience as: makeup artist, retail gift buyer, executive recruiter for National/International companies, nonprofit employment program development and community consultant on intergenerational workplace issues, work readiness career planning and coaching. This variety of experiences and Kathryn’s full CodeCombo – EASCRI – led her to found CAREERCODE.

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Our Core Values


Be inclusive and socially relevant in order to offer virtually anyone the opportunity to gain career and educational insight and their pathway to success


Advocate for all career seekers through relevant communication, teaching, leadership and collaboration


Remain engaged, enthusiastic, creative and competitive in mapping the world of work to ensure all participants have a positive experience


Be diligent, energetic and tenacious in technology, support and career readiness planning


Exude professionalism and commit to always do the right thing


Don’t take anything too seriously and remember to have fun when guiding career seekers

CAREERCODE was built on the timeless Holland Theory of RIASEC personality types and interest CODES. CAREERCODE uses a cutting edge process linking your personality traits and interest to real and practical opportunities. RIASEC is enhanced through CAREERCODE’S focused detail and supportive guide