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Ignite a spark, find your purpose and choose an exciting course of action with CAREERCODE.

CAREERCODE begins with a short quiz that explores how you approach life … education, careers and relationships. The quiz opens a window to your personality and a process for looking at your options. The quiz results serve as a means to unlock your potential. The first letter is your most dominant code. The second and third letters narrow your uniqueness. These letters combined identify your personality and interests to give you a deeper understanding of who you are. Browse the CODES below and try to spot which fit you best.

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The CAREERCODE report provides tools and resources to lead you on a journey. You will be exploring exciting and fulfilling options in education, training, jobs and career pathways. The report offers examples of matching job opportunities that fit well with your CODES. Your report not only enables you to realistically evaluate your opportunities, but identifies areas for further research and exploration. The entire process of CAREERCODE has been designed to help you find purpose, develop a plan and realize your potential.