Frequently Asked Questions


CAREERCODE is based on a discovery by theorist and professor Dr. John L. Holland. He spent years classifying and refining information about various work environments, assigned each one an “interest code”, and then arranged them into his now famous Holland Hexagon. It became the basis for many career exploration systems.

After thousands of interviews, we made unique discoveries that have provided a foundation for the techniques we use with our clients. By pairing Holland’s six Interest Codes with our cutting-edge career programming data, we developed a map that guides individuals directly toward satisfying, exciting career options.

While interviewing our clients, we found that the first two Interest Codes, when paired together, had the strongest influence over a person’s goals, interests and values. These CodeCombo pairs became accurate predictors of job satisfaction.

For example, individuals with Social Interest Codes like to serve their community. Social people are helpers who love to teach, train and develop others. They are typically patient and kind to others, and like their work environment to be supportive, harmonious and collaborative.

By adding a second Interest Code, we zero in on a great-fitting career choice. Notice below how the second code affects the job fit for teachers:

  • SA (Social/Artistic): music, art, English and speech teachers
  • SE (Social/Enterprising): school counselors, school administrators
  • SI (Social/Investigative): science and math teachers
  • SR (Social/Realistic): physical education, industrial arts teachers and coaches
  • SC (Social/Conventional): business skills and home economics teachers’