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The world of work and education has changed significantly. Twenty years ago you couldn’t earn a paycheck as a blogger-for-hire or a mobile device engineer. Job creation and changes are more frequent, faster paced and higher tech. Every field is becoming more specialized.

In 2003 we began developing our own proprietary database to update job information, organizing it into career clusters, educational programs and industries.

There are literally tens of thousands of job titles in the labor market today and yet only a sliver of them will be a good fit for any one person.

There are so many factors that play into your compatibility with a job; values, interests, personality, geographic region, educational background, etc. All these factors help determine where you best fit into the labor market. But how on earth can you expect to find that fit without a tool to help sort through the thousands of different jobs that exist?

We’ve created CAREERCODE to organize and personalize the labor market system. Each individual profile can be matched with career options that have detailed information about specific jobs ranging from educational requirements, ideal personality codes, and even live job listings. Matches can be sorted to your geographic region.

There is simply no other tool anywhere in the world that has collected and linked this much data in such a user friendly way. We have thousands of individual jobs in our proprietary database and we are continuously uploading new jobs while deleting obsolete entries for an ever-changing labor market.

And when CAREERCODE is paired with a trained and certified coach, it’s the winning combination that every individual wishing to make more assured and sound career decisions can count on!