Frequently Asked Questions


We understand the reality that your career is something that will be with you for many years and you will need to form a long term relationship with it. We constantly hear about the “hot new industry” that everyone starts to pursue.

For some, this will prove to be exactly the right job and they will flourish and excel at it over a long period of time finding joy and fulfillment from the work. And as a result, they will likely earn a good living over time because they will bring so much value to that work.

We seek environments, people, and activities that are in alignment with our values, interests, beliefs, temperaments and natural abilities.

By doing so we set ourselves up for fulfillment, enjoyment, and success whether it is in our leisure time, our relationships, or our careers. Wherever we can, we do this instinctively as it is a very natural process.

CAREERCODE allows us to review career options based on individual compatibility.