Frequently Asked Questions


When we started this project, we examined thousands of jobs identified by the US Department of Labor to determine whether they existed in today’s labor market. Archaic jobs were eliminated from our database.

We identified the interest codes for each job and connected them to educational programs, industries, and career clusters. We then developed a software tool to match people with jobs in the current labor market.

By using the map of the labor market constructed by CAREERCODE, you will be able to identify the jobs that fit you best. This process will allow you to avoid years of painful trial and error working at jobs that don’t suit you.

The great thing about using CAREERCODE is that it is not just a map, it also doubles as a compass. If you lose your way, it can point you in the right direction—toward a career and a way of life that is meaningful for you.

By finding your place in the labor market you will save thousands of dollars that you might otherwise spend on unnecessary education. You will learn about which jobs are likely to bring you the most happiness and success.

Just as you should not expect to travel in unfamiliar territory without a map, you should not expect to navigate the current labor market without a mapping tool that gives you an understanding of where you will find the most career satisfaction.