CAREERCODE is a practical and useful interest inventory assessment that is based on solid theory and development. The final product is informative and user friendly. Thank you for creating a real world tool to assist with vocational planning.


There I was in a job transition not really knowing what should be the next step. It was right in front of me on the computer – CAREERCODE. When I read the results and worked through my job transition, I knew that I was never going to be happy unless I was in control, running my own business to help others.


I was trying to fit into “the mold.” CAREERCODE said …You don’t have to fit in a mold – that is not who you are.


I love working with students and career changers, helping them to define their goals and interests, plus offering guidance on how to apply them in the labor market.


CAREERCODE helped me fulfill my career dreams utilizing my accounting degree.


CAREERCODE helped me when I was making a decision about my college major.


I needed to learn about my true interests and the jobs that would fit me.


Although I learned a great deal about myself during travels after finishing college, I felt lost and confused about what I should do after I returned.


I was impressed by how well my CodeCombo description fit me and how specific and well matched the educational and employment choices were.


No matter how much I loved my academic experience, I could not shake the unsettling feeling about the jobs in the career field I had chosen.