Success Stories

It took years in the workforce before I actually admitted to myself that I genuinely dislike what I had chosen to study in college and graduate school.

I assumed early on that talent and hard work would always lead to excellence and success in life. Whenever someone told me I was good at something, I latched on and incorporated it into my career path. I never really stopped to ask myself if I actually liked to do any of it. Fear of failure loomed and drove me to jobs I was not suited for at all.

Working through my career identity crisis, I spent time building and creating new groups, events and processes. I loved investigation problems, developing solutions and creating networks needed to make change happen, but didn’t know where to go to next. Then I read about the CodeCombo “EI” and for the first time I felt someone understood my skill set. Identifying my CodeCombo guided me into a satisfying career in sales and business management. I now develop and sell packages, coordinate events and manage operations. It’s innovative, challenging and entrepreneurial, which is exactly right for me. I am happier than I have ever been in my career and that happiness has trickled over into my whole life. I feel like I am finally on the path to creating the life I imagined I would always have.